The Horsehead and Flame nebulae in Orion.
details: Celestron C11 RASA f/2.2 + QHY367m coldmos. 60x30second exposures, processed in Maxim DL.
Cropped image.

Total Lunar Eclipse of 2021 May 26
using a Celestron c11 RASA F/2.2 + Canon 6D camera. 2 seconds at ISO400


Total Solar Eclipse photos from Casper Wyoming on 2017 August 21.


VicSouth Starparty 2015. Aurora Australis November 7th

Click here for animated version


Gif animation of asteroid 2014 RC taken 2014 Sep 7 through Itelescope T31, 5 x 1 minute exposures

The faint trail of asteriod 2012 DA14 can be seen just above the Eta Carinae nebula in this 2 minute exposure

Venus Transit June 6 2012.
Canon 300d, 300mm zoom lens, iso100, 1/500 sec exposure.

Aurora Australis 2012  March 12.5UT:
Taken from my backyard in Castlemaine Victoria
1x15 second image at 12:06UT.

William "Bill" Bradfield (1927-2014)

I had the privilege to know Bill. He was my mentor.
His achievement of 18 visual comet discoveries in an amateur capacity is never likely to be repeated, given today's technology.
I met him after attending an Astronomical Society of South Australia (ASSA) meeting in 1995, after his comet discovery of that year.
He was very keen to pass on his knowledge and experience to me.
Seen here is me presenting Bill a gift after his 18th comet discovery in 2004.
Bill was a life member of ASSA and was inducted into the ASSA Hall of Fame at our AGM in December 2013.
Bill is best described as a gentleman, a scholar and an inspiration.
He will always be remembered, especially when his 2 periodic comets return around 2070 (C/1989 A3) and 2126 (C/1984 A1).