C/2024 G3 ATLAS

Closest to Sun on 2025 January 13 at 0.09AU.
Closest to Earth on 2025 January 14 at 0.93AU
Maximum magnitude ?1 in January 2025
Orbital period: N/A (Dynamically new)

This comet has a very small perihelion distance and could potentially be very bright.
However, This appears to be a dynamically new comet
This means a first time visit to the inner solar system.
BUT more observations are required to establish a more accurate orbit.
I will revisit this in 6 months with an update.
The intrinsic brightness suggests that the comet is at high risk of disintegrating, when it reaches its closest point to the Sun.
This will be a difficult comet to follow throughout its apparition as it locates low to the horizon.
Southern hemisphere observers are favoured.
Should the comet survive its solar encounter, southerners may see it in the evening sky in late January 2025.