C/2023 E1 ATLAS

Closest to Sun on 2023 July 1 at 1.02AU.
Closest to Earth on 2023 Aug 17 at 0.37AU.
Maximum magnitude 8 in July 2023
Orbital period: 85 years (Halley type)

C/2023 E1 ATLAS rendezvous with the Helix Nebula NGC7293 on 2023 October 01 at 10:20UT.
using a C11 RASA f/2.2 + Canon 6D. 10 mins. FOV 2 deg. North up. from Swan Hill, Victoria, Aus.
Comet C/2023 E1 ATLAS remained bright (approx 11th mag) and shows a large, diffuse 5' coma.

C/2023 E1 Atlas reached maximum magnitude of 8.5 during late July but was limited to northern hemisphere observers.
Southerners will pick up the comet from mid August, as it moves rapidly southwards during its Earth approach.
On August 13, you will find the magnitude 9.0 comet situated in Cygnus in the northern sky at midnight, near Messier 39.
On August 22, the comet is 1 degree east of Mu1 Cygnii. transiting north at local midnight
Moonlight interferes from August 25 until September 5, when the now magnitude 10.0 comet situates in Aquarius, near Alpha Aqr.
On September 17, the now magnitude 11 comet will be 1 degree west of Saturn.

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