C/2021 T4 Lemmon

Closest to Earth on 2023 Jul 21 at 0.51AU.
Closest to Sun on 2023 July 31 at 1.48AU
Maximum magnitude 8.0 in end July 2023.
Orbital period: N/A Parabolic (dynamically new)

Comet C/2021 T4 Lemmon had a very favourable apparition during July, as perigee and perihelion occurred within a 10 day period.
August will see the comet fade out rapidly as it recedes from both Sun and Earth.
At the start of August, the magnitude 8.5 comet can be found near the Scorpius-Lupus border, trekking north-westwards.
It is well situated for southerners as it locates overhead at the end of evening twilight.
Moonlight interferes until the evening of August 3, when the comet is situated 30 South of Eta Lupii
On August 6, the comet is situated near Psi2 Lupii.
On August 18, the now magnitude 9.5 comet is situated 55 NE of Sigma Librae.
Moonlight interferes once again from the 22nd.
By months end, the comet is situated in Libra, about 3 degrees south of Alpha Librae (Zuben Elgenubi)

Night mode finder chart Aug-Oct 2023