156p Russell-LINEAR 2020

Closest to Earth on 2020 Oct 24 at 0.48AU.
Closest to the Sun on 2020 Nov 17 at 1.33AU
maximum magnitude 9.5 in November 2020
period 6.4 years.

The year 2020 was the first apparition of this periodic comet where visual observations were possible.
This was due to an encounter with Jupiter in 2018 which reduced the comets perihelion distance,
as well as favourable viewing circumstances from Earth.
The comet was possibly in outburst as it displayed a coma off centre, similar to 29p appearance after an outburst.
It brightened rapidly during October, rising from magnitude 14 to 10.

above photo was taken on 2020 October 18 at 11:20UT. My visual estimate was magnitude 11.5 with a 3' coma using a 20cm reflector.

During November, it was situated in Aquarius, trekking towards Pisces, peaking at magnitude 9.5.

During December, it was situated in the evening sky in Pisces, trekking slowly north-eastwards, fading from magnitude 10.

below my visual estimates in ICQ format